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Another Stellar Year for the Winter Film Festival

By Nick Christophers

Founder and creator George Isaacs has done it again with an even bigger turn out for the 7th Annual Winter Film Festival in New York.  George has been there and done that in the film world. He has been part of production teams for Round House Pictures, I.D. Films, Park Avenue Post and Red Reel Pictures.

Besides that he has also worked on music videos with such acts like Eve, Shai and Ruff Ryders.

It was a packed crowd at the legendary Copa Cabana, who were patiently awaiting the awards ceremony to begin. There were directors, actors, producers and musicians taking up every corner of the room. From last year’s installment this one seemed to grow in popularity.

The festival featured directors and producers from around the world. This year’s event catered to the art of short films and many were in the running.  It must have been very difficult to sort through so many talented artists.  Films like “A Roar Of Wolf Troops” by producer and screenwriter Wang Yong,

“Let Women Choose” by Xiana Yago and “Word Count”   by Charlotte de Bekker displayed the focus on woman artists and how they have broken the barriers in film.  One of the award winners of the evening

Charlotte de Bekker offered her thoughts on the festival.

“This festival offers a space where there are no bridges and everyone seems to welcome discussion and unison. It is my first time at this festival and I am honored to be a part of it. Besides this project “Word Count” I am also looking to work on a children’s book.”

All of these projects are reflective of three different nations Japan, Ecuador and the Middle East.  The festival also had nominees for best animation which was a nice addition to the festival.  An interesting project was the animated “A Woman Apart” where the director / producer Mary Omelina had to learn sewing to make the puppets for the film.  Many of these filmmakers are independent artists working hard to grow beyond the WFF. This platform offers them that opportunity to at least learn and connect with other likeminded artists. Media representative Amandina Abarahamowitz gave us some insight on the workings of the festival.

“We make sure to create exposure for the filmmakers and the artists involved with the festival. I believe this one was much more organized and well done.  I work close with the media.  This year we have a lot of great films and a lot of positive energy.”

There were many sponsors for this grand event. Most notably SVA, NYU, Canon, NYC Cultural Affairs, NY Council of The Arts, B&H stores, AJ Video Systems and many others.  At the conclusion of the festival many of the filmmakers made their rounds to congratulate the winners and connect with the press. It was a success according to George and hopes to build on it for the following year in an even larger venue as more filmmakers begin to learn about the Winter Film Festival.

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