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Destinies by Nick Christopers

By Seth Fera-Schanes

Nick Christopher, the talented contributor to Full Access NYC has a book out and available through amazon!  Nick has been writing for the past 20 years and if you have been following his profile pieces on our site, you know you are in for a real treat. Destinies by Nick Christophers


“After our protagonist Nina Iorizzo is trapped into the world of the mob she must find a way to function. Her future is soon paved with doubt but there is some light at the end of the tunnel, so she thinks. Marrying the boss Santo Furri and baring his child seems grand, but as a mob war flares tragedy strikes. The loss of his wife leaves Santo with to raise his only child. The story shifts to Tommy who is adopted by another family. The drama builds when Tommy learns who his father really is. At this point he ends up being becoming part of the DA team that prosecutes his biological father. What happens in the end can change everything.”

Get your copy today!

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