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New York City Summer Community Garden

Anyone in New York City can participate in a community garden.  The requirements are simple: find a garden plot, apply and then have enough patience to wait until a space opens up.  If the wait time is long, don’t fret since there are hundreds of plots around the city through NYC Parks Green Thumb.New York City Garden

I have be fortunate to have a garden for the past 3 years.  Not only can I grow my own vegetables in my 4 foot by 4 foot square but the sense of community is incredible.  Neighbors are quick to say hello (not ‘what the hell are you looking at….’) and will happily offer advice on what to plant, when to plant it and will even volunteer to water if you are going to be out of town. Harlem Garden

Gardens typically need to have some public hours.  The garden I participate in keeps the gates open from 7am-7pm everyday of the week, all summer long which is great.  If the space is closed, a gardener will usually receive a key or combination to the lock on the gate for any required after hours watering or weeding.  New Block Association 123rd Street

Another benefit of NYC gardening is forming a mini CSA.  Neighbors can share excess crops or even coordinate what they are growing and share the harvest.  The space I attend has blueberry bushes, a raspberry bush, peach tree and grape vines.  When everything ripens, the fruit is available to anyone in the garden.  Peach Tree New York City


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