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Antigone in Harlem

The amphitheater in Marcus Garvey Park came alive this evening with the adaptation of Antigone presented by the Classical Theatre of Harlem.  This adaptation of the ancient Greek tragedy by Sophocles felt relevant to today. Antigone in Harlem

From the press release:

“CTH’s offering of ANTIGONE is inspired by the Paul Roche adaptation which accomplishes a fidelity to the original while giving CTH the flexibility to showcase ancient ideas that have taken center stage in the current climate: order, law, justice and marginalized voices confronting power and patriarchy.

Set in the city of Thebes in a dystopian future, the struggle for power, glory and the claim to the city shatters the bonds of brotherhood, leaving two men lifeless. The new king proclaims one brother a hero and the other a usurper, leaving his limp body lying in the street as an example to those who dare act against the state. The citizens of the city avert their eyes due to fear, turning instead to their new leader who vows to restore order to the war torn city. But when the sister of the slain young brothers protests the edict, she breaks faith with everything she has ever known in order to set things right at any cost.”

The show is free to the public and has a 2 week engagement from July 7th-July 30th.

High recommend from Full Access.

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