Dr. Ramesh Kumar: Applying Traditional and Alternative Medicine

By Nick Christophers

It has become an interesting step in the medical world that doctors look for other ways of treating their patients. A few doctors have managed to succeed in this manner and have helped many people overcome illness or constant pain. Dr. Kumar is one of those doctors who for the past 22 years have devoted himself to assisting his loyal patients the best way he knows how. Within those twenty-two years as a radiation oncologist he has treated cancer patients at his office on the east coast of Florida.

Late in his medical career he struggled with severe back pain and through an acupuncturist in Orlando discovered relief. This moment in his life would open a door to him studying about medical acupuncture at Harvard Medical School. He decided to take on the program and was impressed and decided to take what he learned and use it to help his cancer patients. This event in his life made him decide to use energy based medicine. This is where his brand LifewellMD was born.

“Once past that, switching on a Medical Acupuncture hat, thinking in a different language, observing the human in front of me through new lenses (meridians and energy channels etc. which make absolutely no sense to a traditional medical doctor) and working with needles, lasers, heat on the body, in the ear, on the scalp, the results and the patient experience was beyond belief.”

Dr. Kumar discovered new procedures to treat his patients that were not available to them via general physicians. This holistic approach of combining wellness coupled with Medical Acupuncture was a new avenue for Dr. Kumar and he put it to work. He believes the combination of traditional medicine and the best of energy medicine to be the appropriate approach for his patients which equals better medicine than either alone. This is the vision and mission of his brand LifeWellMD. The three prong approach of physical rejuvenation, cognitive rejuvenation and sexual rejuvenation are the key to a life worth living.

The doctor uses various tools for the best results for his patients. The technologies that are used for therapeutic effect and are a part of LifeWellMD are related to natural phenomena such as sound, vibration, vision with Virtual reality, cold, pressure, green laser, red laser, laser clusters, magnetic fields, whole body red light laser, shock waves, and therapeutic ultrasound.

The P-shot, IV Therapy and Peptide Therapy are some of the cutting edge therapeutic modalities offered.  In the time he has applied his approach there was one patient who was 88 years old suffering from ED. He had three successful sessions of shockwave therapy which is painless. This specific procedure has gone through decades of research in Europe. It is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure and has worked where Viagra has not. The other method of IV Therapy is a supplementation that bypasses the unpredictable absorption and metabolism of essential nutrients that helps in several conditions related to health and wellbeing. Peptide therapy is a new method that assists with a wide variety of health issues focused on wellness.

“Every patient who comes to me is evaluated with my full MD hat on. This is essential to make sure that they have had the full benefit of traditional medical care and to make sure that their physicians have not missed something either hidden or obvious. I still manage a cancer center every morning with traditional medicine. My path is one of flexibility with the main intention of helping every patient who comes my way in whatever way possible. From a patient’s point of view, they just want to feel better; they do not care whether you would like to call this alternative medicine or complementary medicine. In my mind, this is just better medicine, plain and simple. Where I step in would be in those conditions where traditional medicine has failed or the risks are too high. Everything we do is evidence based and is just beyond the horizon of most MD physicians. A little bit of attention and with investment of a little bit of time, energy and money, they too can see the evidence that is building up on what was previously belittled as “alternative and complementary medicine.”

It is true that universities nationally are beginning to realize the importance in what Dr. Kumar and other doctors like him are working on. For example Harvard Medical School, Stanford University and University of Southern California are now offering Acupuncture in their training. The organization, Society of Integrative Oncology which is led by doctors from MD Anderson, Berkeley and Memorial Sloan Kettering has supported “alternative medicine and technologies”. Yet there are many doctors who are unaware of the methods Dr. Kumar utilizes and need to be exposed to these advances in medicine.

The main thing for any patient that visits Dr. Kumar is that they will receive the best in traditional medicine and the best in alternative/complimentary medicine. The doctor also offers what is termed as Cool Sculpting which is run by their Medical Esthetician Sophia Manolis. The program is set up more for women who desire to remove fat and cellulite from different parts of their body. Sophia moved to Florida from the Tri-State area where she worked in New York and New Jersey.

Even though his services are set up for a cash-based concierge level of care they also work with Care credit that can assist patients to pay their bills moderately. The brand LifeWellMD is based on age-reversal assisting in ones journey to age optimally and in beneficial balance. At the moment Dr. Kumar is based in Florida but is hoping sometime in the near future to create a franchise business model on worldwide scale and New York is one location of importance.

LifeWellMD is an innovative idea that is on a mission to improve people’s lives in any way they can.

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