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New Mob Project Features Hard Nosed Actor George Andreakos

By Nick Christophers

It is no wonder that Greek-American actor George Andreakos has been slated to play a gangster in the projected film entitled “Apalachin”. He has already taken on gangster roles and aced them every-time.

The title should ring a few bells with a few of you. It was there that the famous “sit-down” with the heads of all the mob families across the US meet up to hatch out the future of the mob. In 1957 the mafia was nothing but a myth but that specific meeting was soon exposed by a local cop and all hell broke loose.

George has been acting for years and is not looking to slow down anytime soon. He has been at the acting game for close to 10 years. George has appeared in TV shows like “Law & Order”, “The Perfect Murder” and “A Crime to Remember”. Yet this recent project is his most important thus far. He plays the character Frankie a tough hoodlum who is there to keep order during the crucial meeting.

The cast is filled with key actors like David Arquette, Jennifer Esposito, Jamie Lynne Siegler, Robert Davi, PJ Byrne, Nick Cordero, Vincent Laresca, Bo Dietl, Danny Abeckaser (who also is the Director), Stevie Guttman, Anthony Desando, Caitlin Mehner, Aaron Almani, Gino Cafarelli and many other talented individuals. It will be coming out at an opportune time with two other mafia movies due out in 2019 (“The Irishman” and “The Many Saints of Newark”).

“It was an amazing experience to be on set with so many incredible and talented people. Taking direction from Danny A. was intense. Besides being a mind-blowing actor who always owns the scene he is also a very detailed oriented director who knows what he wants and gets it out of his talent on set. During one of my scenes I did my own stunts in the woods and it was actually kind of scary while snakes and all types of wild type creatures were around me but as actors passionate about our craft we go above and beyond to give it our best.”Apalachin crew (1)

It is due to be a great film about an event that has never been put out in depth. The cast alone would attract anyone. Currently, it seems that mob fans are itching for good mob flick since possibly “The Departed”. For George he is always working to find new avenues to share his talent. He has a few projects on the table but he was not at liberty to discuss them at this time.

George is what you can call a “on the spot actor” who is not only motivated and punctual but has an impeccable memory. He can recall lines even on short notice. He has proven to adapt to any change within a project and act accordingly. One thing he can attest to is that he is a team player and stays humble which he feels that is the best way to be.

On the horizon is another project called “Pentimento” (on Amazon) where George puts on a superb performance playing  a tough Romanian mobster. To keep abreast of his current and upcoming projects visit his IMDB page

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