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Brenda Pond: From Actress to Model to Travel Business Owner

By Nick Christophers

It’s winter and we are all dreaming or maybe even planning to leave the cold behind for warmer temperatures. Around this time of the year many plan way ahead to visit family for the holidays or just to get away from the cold. Even though we may utilize the internet for the best deals there is still nothing like speaking with someone who can tailor the best trip possible.

Here is where someone like Brenda Pond can be an asset to the common traveler or to the seasonal vacationer. Brenda has been involved with two of the most demanding industries; modeling and acting. Her beauty and out-going personality has helped her lock in acting roles and modeling gigs for years. Since moving to sunny California, she decided to set up her own Travel business called Travel Smart.

Brenda Pond

“I just launched my travel business, “Travel Smart“. I love it! I found my niche in the industry, since I love to travel this is so perfect and at the same time I help others plan their destinations. It also won’t interfere with my acting career. I like staying productive.”

The company which is the new “kid on the block” is beginning to take notice. Brenda’s company offers great packages and discounts that many other traditional agencies do not. Her mission is to make her clients enjoy their trip as if she was going on the trip herself. She feels that traveling for anyone is good for the soul and everyone should find a way to feed that feeling.

Even though to travel anywhere is great, just the thought of getting away from home is always exciting. She pointed to some destinations that are fairly popular now like; San Francisco, The Maldives, Canada, St. Lucia, Bali, Costa Rica, Virgin Islands, Peru, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Greece, Spain, New York City, Grand Canyon, Thailand, Yellowstone National Park etc. Brenda has visited some these destinations and can offer personal experiences that can entice someone who is looking to travel.

One of the most important things Brenda looks at is what kind of budget a potential a client is working with. It does not matter if it is a low budget trip or a high budget one she can satisfy either. It is a lot of work for anyone to navigate the internet for the best deal where Brenda can find it faster and suit it to their needs.

The other ideal fact is you don’t have to be in California to book a trip with Brenda. Her company is all over social media like Yelp and WhatsApp. The company offers free quotes, exclusive offers, travel knowledge and professional support all the way. So, if traveling is on your mind check out Travel Smart it may be the trip of a lifetime.

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