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Silvia Dionicio: Breaking Into The Acting Game On A Serious Note

By Nick Christophers

Recently the acting business has become more saturated than ever as everyone wants to be a star. But only a few really have the talent. Coming into this insane business is one thing managing to lock in roles is another. Silvia Dionicio has accomplished both in a short time of being in the States. The Dominican born actress has not only made her mark in her native land but has begun to claw her way into important roles in New York.

She first studied acting at the Teatro Alternativo Lorena Oliva in the DR but only saw it as a hobby at first. Then something happened during a theatrical performance on bullying that a fan praised her for talent and how it affected her. This touching interaction motivated Silvia to take acting more seriously if it would touch people in such a way. While in the DR she had the pleasure of studying under world renowned actress Maria Castillo (El Mariachi- 1992).

“Education has always been something very important to me. So studying acting in New York City was a dream come true, without a doubt”

Silvia Dionicio

Her first step was to acquire a scholarship to study abroad. This would not be an easy task. Along with her mother they made repeated trips to make that a possibility which eventually became a reality. Silvia was on her way to New York to tackle the entertainment industry.  She would embark to the shinning lights of Broadway by attending and graduating from The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.  So far the stunning and talented Silvia has already notched three films and two TV shows, a grand accomplishment in such a short time.

When it comes to working on TV, film or on stage she prefers being in front of the camera. But she welcomes any type of medium. On the film end she completed two interesting projects in 2018 both focusing on troubled youth. The first was “Juvenile Delinquents” which she played the lead character. In the second “Just Grace” the main character in that project is the well-known actress Karen Abercrombie. 

To add to her growing projects she also completed two TV series that will appear on the cable channel Investigation Discovery.  The “who had done it” documentaries are “Grave Mysteries” and “In Pursuit” both are based on true events. Silvia has drawn her inspiration from such talents like Gina Rodriguez and Benedict Cumberbatch.  She looks up to actress Gina Rodriguez for her continued support for Latin actors and actresses.  We cannot leave out her effect on stage either.  Silvia has already taken part in over 14 plays in the US and the DR. There are two that she is most proud of “Black Panther Women” and “Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda” both were Off-Broadway shows.  “Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda” was shown at the Producers Club which she is hoping to present again in 2019.

One of her most prized projects was a short entitled “Resilience” (2017) which had won a few awards at two festivals (Best film for the Direct Monthly Online Film Festival 2018 and best Cinematography for Canada shorts Film Festival 2018). When it comes to TV the series “Smack (Superwoman)” won best TV Series at the International Cutting Room Festival 2018 and was nominated for the Golden Door International Festival 2018. Silvia is looking to expand her acting career to newer shores and is willing to take on any role be it dramatic, comedic or other. 

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