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The NY Fashion And Music Conference Creates A Major Buzz

By Nick Christophers

During the famed fashion week in New York, organizer and founder, Dashai Williams (London’s own Singer/MMC Apparel designer) wanted to that fused two powerful industries under one roof. That was music and fashion. She managed to make that happen for the second year in a row. It was a packed house at the club DROM in the Village where designers mingled with singers and songwriters from all over the world.

“I have such a love for music and fashion I had to put this together. Coming from London I realized there is so much fashion and music talent in New York I needed to fuse the two. This is a way to offer artists and designers to have a platform to display their talents and work,” said Dashai.

There was a line to get in that took up half the block a half hour after it already started. It is a unique idea to incorporate the two mediums sharing the stage at the same time. While artists were performing models would grace the stage with the newest designs. The crowd swelled by the stage and by the bar. It was standing room only for most of the evening.

“I have been following the New York Fashion week for a while and this event in particular. So it is great to be here. I have been a singer/songwriter since I was sixteen and have not stopped since. My new single is out now as a matter of fact called “Sunshine” which was co-written by Grammy award winner Eddie Bowen.  Check it out it’s a fusion of R&B, soul and funk,” said artist Rahne.

There were special designers like Haus of KJB, Medina Keshiro, Vintage Image, Kelly Dempsey (Project Runway) and more.  Artists like R. Lyn, King Bless, Madame X, Rahne, KERTASY, Charles Tyson, Jenn Denardo, Fienx Sol, King Salomon, Jonny KT and many others belted out their lyrics to thundering applause. The show was set up to benefit “The Arts 4 Kids Foundation” and the “VH1 Save the Music Foundation” where a percentage of the tickets went to these charities.  Last year’s debut of the show, part of sales went to “The Arts 4 Kids Foundation” to help raise awareness of HIV and AIDS.

“Tonight was amazing the audience was so receptive during my performance. I love the fusion of fashion and music great idea. I can appreciate it since my background is musical theatre so the blend of these two types of art is groundbreaking,” added artist Madame X.

The event brought artists and designers from all over the States like Pennsylvania, Atlanta, Florida etc. This event is due to create more of a buzz and grow every year. It is one of kind based on the sole purpose of offering artists of all types a platform to strut their stuff.

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