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Floor Five Theatre Company

By Nick Christophers

It is always nice to see indie artists working to spread their wings until that long-anticipated call from Broadway comes to raise their bar. In many studios and small underground theatres in Manhattan, which are plenty, creative minds are at work at feverish rates. One such theatre company is the Floor Five Theatre Company which was founded via the Atlantic Theater Company’s full-time conservatory program in New York.

The company was formed by one of the graduating conservatory classes from the Atlantic Acting School. They were one of the groups that stuck together to work on a few more projects. There are twenty-seven founding members which only 25 have remained. The group elected Veronika  Gribanova as their Artistic Director and Ana Guzman Quintero is the Associate Artistic Director. In addition, there are seven members on the leadership team. The company is a potpourri of twenty-five artists from around the globe. Their mission statement is as follows: 

“Our company invests in process, developing work through shared language and continual training. We draw from our eclectic group of artists to create original work but nothing is off limits – our interests are as boundless as our imagination. Floor Five is a group of international artists committed to defying ego and narcissistic indifference.”

Some of the actors also have worked on film besides theatre. Ana, Veronika and some other members are in post-production on a short film entitled “November Burns Red”. Veronika has also used her writing skills on a web series called “Art is Dead”.

Currently, the company has a new production entitled “zounds!” which is a comedy about the Greek Gods during the Trojan War but set in the present time. It is set in the 9th year of the war when Aphrodite is injured and Zeus places all the Gods under house arrest in fabled Mount Olympus. It features thirteen gods, Helen of Troy and a Greek chorus. The play was written by Veronika Gribanova. 

It premiered at the Atlantic Stage 2 in 2018 with an ensemble of eighteen actors all members of the Floor Five Theatre Company. However, they are excited to bring in some new collaborators to this new Fringe Production such as Luisa Guzmán Quintero. The political play is meant to ease our current state through the joy of humor. It also confirms that change in inevitable no matter what we think. The show received such a positive response that they decided to take it on the road. Hence, “zounds!” is headed to be presented at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2019.

The company is presently working on an online fundraising campaign for their journey to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. They are a talented young group with a play that is not only humorous but thought provoking. To learn more, check them out on Instagram: @floorfivetheatre and on Facebook and stay in the loop for the exciting things to come!

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