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Actress Avigail Bryger Sharing Her Talent Globally

By Nick Christophers

Acting is a very tough field to follow especially nowadays since everyone and their grandmother thinks they can act. But there are only a few who really “have that God given talent”. Avigail Bryger is one example of one who bleeds acting in so many ways. She transplanted herself to New York after leaving her birthplace of Israel. Ever since she landed here she has taken acting like the grass takes to water.

“It was obvious to me that acting would be a career move for me. When I was with my family I would put on what I termed as the “Avigail Show” and did just that put on a show. Acting comes very natural to me like having a second skin. Being on stage is where I feel alive and where I belong.”

Avigail admits that Jim Carey is one of her favorite actors for his unique style and how he approaches every role he takes on. Similar to how Avigail works on her projects.  A good example is the production “The Visit” (2018) that was presented by the Floor Five Theatre Co. where she played multiple roles.  The play was set in post-WW II about how far people are willing to go for money. It was written by Friedrich Dürrenmatt.

In an earlier production Avigail was a part of a short time -series called “Jimmy” (2017) directed by Brian Hose, which is actually a short musical film. It is a story that can resonate with anyone.  The director developed a collection of series of shows like “Smile” and “Friend” following the story of the character and how he deals with his demons.

Avigail is not only an actress but a poet as she even penned her own poetry book entitled “Inspiration / Formation”. She even got close to publishing it but has not taken on that “beast” yet. The poems were written in Hebrew and had illustrations that complimented the words.  That book has been placed on the back burner until she re-visits it. 

“I always had a different view on life and poetry has been my language, my outlet. I wanted to publish the book in 2016. I even created blog with the poetry and illustrations. I may get back to it soon and see where I can go with it.”

Only recently Avigail and her fellow actors Maera Hagage, Ron Orlovsky, Lior Weiner and Mikael Deckelbaum founded the theatre company, Dirty Laundry Theatre. The premise of the company is to stage shows with the theme of exposing “dirty laundry” yet in a unique way. The shows will center on ways to overcome differences in present society and also to showcase less known Israeli playwrights in America. There current project “Borders” will be presented at the SummerFest Festival. Avigail is the Associate Artistic Director of the company. 

She also completed a feature film entitled “Hello Tomorrow” (written and Directed by Malky Weingarten) Currently, Avigail is in a new show called “Inheritance” (created by Katya Stepanov and directed by Christy Casey), preforming in ”Wilderence” at Canal street . The show is about finding your identity; how does one’s inheritance play into their lives.  The small studio space is laid out like a labyrinth with intertwining rooms with a speakeasy feel. Avigail’s main goal is to take on projects that connect with the human condition and the human spirit. She has a true gift she is so willing to share.

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