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Lisbon Born Actress Now Makes Her Home In The Theatre Scene

By Nick Christophers

Actress, Carmo Bebiano has managed to fit right in with the hustle and bustle of the New York beat. She decided from a young age that acting would be a career she would attempt to achieve. After watching the film version of the pop culture TV show “Charlie’s Angels” she was hooked. The actress Drew Barrymore became her inspiration and she has not looked back since. Carmo went ahead and studied and digested every project Barrymore was in and her desire to follow into acting grew.

After completing a professional three-year acting course in her native Lisbon she would soon depart for Los Angeles and further hone her skills at the Method School, The Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute in LA. She would train there for four months before deciding that New York was a better location to further develop her talent.

Hence, she would end up attending and graduating from the Atlantic Acting School which was a two-and-a-half-year intensive program. In Lisbon she studied such techniques, from Meisner to Laban, Stanislavski, Animal, Shakespeare etc. at a professional course for actors, Act4all.

Mind you, Carmo has already had acting parts under belt she had roles in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (Helena) and “God of Carnage” (Ana) in Europe. She also did work in London with Jude Alderson on Shakespeare. Alderson encouraged Carmo to come to France and continue to develop acting under Alderson´s form of teaching.

Shakespeare happens to be her favorite.

“In Shakespeare the language does all the work for the actor. As long as you study the role prior to the acting the content and imagination is all you need to play your character.”

One of her favorite roles to play when doing Shakespeare was Lady Macbeth. She has played Lady Anne in (Richard III) and Helena (A midsummer Night´s Dream). She has found Lady Macbeth to be a force of nature and incredibly intelligent. In New York after completing her studies at the Atlantic Acting School along with most of her fellow classmates she founded a theater company called Bluebird Theater Company.

The ensemble has already premiered their first production called “The House of Bernard Alba” at Atlantic Theater Company Stage 2 where Carmo played the lead role of Bernard Alba.  The success of the first project motivated them to set up a second production entitled “Secret of the Wings” due to premier in March.

When it comes to TV and film Carmo has also tackled that medium as well. She performed in the “Tales from the Rabbit Hole: A Curious Kitsch Novel” where she played the main characters sister, Vanessa. The production of the project began in Portugal and was completed in New York. It is due to premier on February 27th in Portugal and already has had its premiere in New York. Carmo enjoys both film and theatre. When you catch her in action, she is such a natural with a lot of energy and emotion for any character she takes on. Carmo Bebiano has become very much a staple in the New York theatre scene and will only go further with each part she tackles.

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