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Producer, Director Noel Ashman Sheds Lights On NYC With Fellow Celebs

By Nick Christophers

Since the pandemic began to ravage the world some celebrities took it upon themselves to send good wishes to the world. This idea began to grow with athletes doing the same from the comfort of their homes. It was one way to connect with their fans and maybe share some love and hope.

Director, producer and club impresario Noel Ashman along with artist Damon Dash came up with the idea to share their message across the social media highway. Noel came up with the idea when he himself was stricken with the virus and brought Damon in. The plan was to bolster hope to the people of New York which was the hardest hit from the virus. They rounded up a list of celebrities from around America to share a famous quote that can inspire hope in the face of danger. The short film was titled FORNYC. 

“I was inspired to make this film while I was in bed struggling with covid19 myself. When I finally got better, I felt a great deal of gratitude and wanted to do something to give back to people and “For NYC” is the idea I came up with to have artists record themselves on their own I Phone’s while in quarantine and edit it together into a film. I even took most of the still shots of NYC shown in the movie on my iPhone. I also wanted to give New York City a boost in its time of need, since it was the hardest hit. I feel New York City is the greatest city in the world.

” said Noel.

The projects goal was also to help support charities that are assisting New Yorkers struggling during this time. At the end of the film they listed three charities that people who watch it can donate to. The list was compiled by Noel and Damon to include actors, singers and artists. The individuals involved were as follows: Cuba Gooding Jr, Tom Arnold, Tyrese Gibson, Sophie Kennedy Clark, Rosie Perez, Giancarlo Esposito, Frank Whaley, DMC, Shane Johnson, Chuck D, Bo Dietl, Rachel Hilbert, Fredro Starr, Vincent Young, AJ Benza, Cynthia Kirchner, Treach, Richie Rich, Samantha Cole, Vincent Pastore, Damon Dash and Noel Ashman.

“I wanted to show the world that New York City is awesome,” added Damon Dash.

So far many have seen the short film and have been taken by its genuine message and positive vibe. As we slowly approach an end to this nightmare it is good to know that folks like Noel Ashman and Damon Dash are thinking of others and spreading a positive message to never lose hope because New York is the toughest and most sensitive city in the world. So far, the film has garnered 70,000 views on Noel’s personal page @noelashman alone with many more on Damon’s and other actors in the film’s pages & on YouTube etc.

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