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By Nick Christophers

Radio has been suffering for some time now and is dying a slow death due to what the internet has been offering. Yet there are so many podcasts and channels to go to it is hard to navigate. There is one show that has stood out from the rest as a unique and eclectic choice for those hungry for something different. Grindhouse Radio has stood strong for the past six years.

The “brainchild” of the Grindhouse Radio project was the colorful individual, Brimstone. He has worn so many entertainment hats it is too long to list. He first brought his interns during the infancy stages, Kim (Adragna) and Steve (Zambito) into the project. From there Grindhouse Radio grew exponentially. Steve moved on since its inception and some new people came on board. The main crew consists of Brimstone, Kim Adragna, Tom Greer (aka Mr. Greer), Guy Brogna, Kevin Dempsey, Amy Palmiero-Winters, and our engineer Alex DaPonte. Brimstone, Kim and Tom bear the most weight for the station as the station is always developing with new ideas. Kim for one, is also multi-talented as an actress, model, voice-over actor, writer, producer, and brand influencer. Tom, who is an avid athlete, is also an audio producer, editor, brand influencer and an on-air radio talent.

The show has had many interesting guests that have made the show more attractive to its growing fanbase. Guests like Charles Martinet (Nintendo’s Mario & Luigi), Sean Schemmel (Dragon Ball Z), DMC (Run DMC), Kel Mitchell (Good Burger, All That, Dancing with the Stars), Veronica Taylor (Pokemon), EG Daily (Rugrats), Khary Peyton (Walking Dead, Teen Titans Go!) to name a few. Each of these guests have left a lasting impression and blessing on the lifeblood of the station. Brimstone who grew up listening to radio for the music element his mother was more entuned to talk shows like Howard Stern and Imus. Yet he realized the power of talk shows which would later prompt him to give birth the Grindhouse Radio. The station is syndicated in over 25 digital and terrestrial radio networks with an impressive listenership of 4 million weekly worldwide.

GHR has won many awards along the way the two that stand out a lot for Brimstone are the 2020 Empire State Award and then followed up with a 2021 Communitas Award. The podcast runs once a week for two hours while it competes against stations that are on 24/7. It is amazing how it has come so far. The benefit for GHR is that it is not lockdown to certain restrictions like terrestrial radio is, so it has more freedom. It is also important to point out that GHR can be heard worldwide and reach a larger audience.

The station covers many areas like Comic Con’s to all this popular culture.

“It is all in the chemistry in the conversations of our cast… we know each other so well that we can seamlessly run from one subject into the next. We rarely come in with a set plan of how things are going to go as we like the free flow of our rambling rants to permeate the listeners imaginations to make it feel as though the listeners are sitting at the table with us. Kim keeps bullet points that she wants to ensure we hit throughout

each show: but we pride ourselves on being able to come up with a conversation about anything at any given point in time. So, the simple answer is… we don’t get lost because there are no directions – the world is our oyster and we’re ready to banter about it!”

GHR is always looking to work on new ideas and introduce a different twist on things. Every show is not the same and you never really know what they will pull out of their hat on any day. If you ever wish to check out something out of ordinary GHR would be the best place to look.

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