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Beautiful And Talented Toni Vitale Spearheads Upcoming Film Screening

By Nick Christophers

We all have most likely seen the new film “Many Saints of Newark” and either loved it or hated it. If you think that “The Sopranos” will fade into the sunset well better brace yourselves as actor/choreographer/filmmaker Toni Vitale is bringing them back for hollowing enjoyable time. The stunning talent, Toni Vitale is gearing up to host “The Mob Soprano Film Festival” on October 28,2021, which will have a Halloween theme (so come dressed in your best mobster costume).

Toni, who hails from Long Island never gave acting a second thought until her mother sprang the question on her, “do you want to be on TV?” while she ran around the house impersonating actors on television. She would answer that casual question by taking acting seriously in her teens to adulthood. Toni, studied with coach David Triaca at the Weistbarron studios. She would follow this up by studying the Meisner Technique at the William Esper studios. Toni recalls how her mentor Suzanne Esper instilled in her to work on drama and comedy. She would work a few projects and still study the Meisner method with Matthew Corozine, Isaac James Bryne and Rico Rosetti at the Matthew Corrozine Studios.

“The Meisner Method of acting is working off of your truth, through behavior. Acting truthfully via the character you’re taking on.”

One of her earliest projects was for the short “Kal Ho Naa Ho” (2003)in the role of the Va Va Voom Girl. But she has come a long way since then. She has directed and has written four shorts and has appeared in many films. Even though she has accomplished a lot, her current project is her most favored which she is shooting now. It is a pilot title “Adult.ish” which is a comedy about fitness and dating. She was working on it until Covid hit and stalled filming she will be revisiting it with a fresh new vision on November 10th.

Another of her upcoming projects is a short entitled “Sloane and Alice” (written and directed by Toni) which is about a woman dealing with depression and alcoholism who from loneliness unexpectedly falls in love with her neighbor Alice. Her second project is a little closer to home which is a dance Documentary film called “The Toni Vitale Dance Project”.

“This documentary is really about my journey on how I went from a so-so dancer to choreographer. I always loved the art of dance and knew I can be a better choreographer than a dancer”

Toni has also founded the Roosevelt Island Film Festival which will be in its second year next June. It will run from June 23-26th. She has always had a love for filmmaking and wanted to be a part of the festival circuit so along with her partner hosted the first one a year ago. Even though Toni has done a lot through the years from working in Film, Television Independent Film, and Commercials Voice Overs she is at a point where she is looking to reinvent herself in directing/producing her own works and building on her versatility. Judging from what she has brought to the table so far, she will surely deliver magnificent work in the future.

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