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Mayuka Ezure: Working Hard To Make Her Mark In The Entertainment World

By Nick Christophers

Since kindergarten Mayuka Ezure fell in love with dancing and showing off her God given talent in front of others. This was the beginning of a growing desire to perform, whether it be singing, dancing, or acting. Mayuka was driven by her willingness to succeed at one if not all these disciplines.

When she landed in New York she would take classes at the Stella Adler Studio for Acting to hone her skills. From 2018 to the present, Mayuka has been casted in over eight films and has performed dance routines for various shows. She took up ballet, jazz, and Latin dance at Ballet Arts, Broadway Dance Center, and Mambo Bravo Latin Studio. Mayuka performed with the dance group Mambo Bravo as Salsa / Latin dancer on stages from New York to Connecticut.

“I realized that coming to New York and studying at the Stella Adler Studio would offer me the opportunity to expand my talent. Also, the energy and possibilities in New York is what also motivated me to pursue my passion there.”

She began her acting career with the project “Black Out” a short where she plays the character, Nina. The film was written by Cherry Fu & Narayan Loke, directed by Victoria Radrigan. Mayuka would follow this up with four other films. One of her inspirations when it comes to acting is the late Brittany Murphy (Uptown Girls, Across the Hall) Mayuka feels Brittaney’s acting has “rainbow colors” and she completely changes colors of her energy depending which role she plays. Mayuka was also influenced by the classic Marilyn Monroe in her role in “Bus Stop” and “Niagra”. This is not leave out the Japanese version of Monroe that Mayuka also admires in Ayako Wakao. There is one project yet to be released that Mayuka enjoyed working on called “N’yarey” where her role is a witch the film is an animation. The project was written, directed, and created by Nazar Germanov.

This film is about the adventure and the drama of an African Albino girl Nayarey who found a city Akra under the ocean. There will be three languages spoken by characters in this film as in English, Russian and Japanese. Her my character the witch speaks Japanese language with English subtitles. This project was something quite different than what she normally has done which made it more special.

Also coming up on the horizon is a thriller/comedy entitled “RIP” wrote and directed by Frank Durant. Mayuka is going to play a Geisha girl who sings a song “Orchid’s Dream” in the film (which is she wrote). The project was influenced by the short film “Rip Van Winkle.” Besides the acting and dancing she has also highlighted her vocal skills by uploading music videos on YouTube, one of them is a cover of “Santa Baby” a duet she did with Karina Noir and the Nat King Cole cover “Christmas Song” ( ). Mayuka has proven to display diverse talent and has much to offer whether it be singing, dancing, or acting and become a more sort after performer.

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