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Offering Beauty Enhancement and Body Sculpting With Anna Diamantakos

By Nick Christophers

In an ever-changing world where looking healthy has become a priority, beauty professional Anna Diamantakos is one who can offer some assistance on that journey. Anna was a stay-at-home mom for a while and wanted to return to an industry that she loved; beauty and wellness. Hence, in 2016 she took steps to returning to that exact industry with the purchase of an airbrush tanning boutique, Liquid Sunshine. Anna is a licensed esthetician and a certified makeup and airbrush artist. She was excited to be able to once again, make a positive impact on others’ lives. The business was operating since 2004 before, Anna took it over and added additional services aside from its main focus which was airbrush tanning.

Her boutique is meant to provide enhanced services for one’s appearance and help them feel and look like the best version of themselves. While building her business, Anna came across holistic body sculpting and tried a couple sessions for herself and feel in love with it. She went on to become licensed and certified by Sculptice. She became so intrigued by manual sculpting and the power of using your own two hands to transform a body. Her training includes certifications in ice therapy, wood therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, and post operative care. Outside of all that she continues to take advanced therapy classes, and keeps current in the industry, studying her mentors closely to develop new and effective techniques to treat her clients.

The boutique has various services depending on what a client is looking to accomplish. Her services range from post-surgical treatments such as post operative ice recovery which speeds up the body’s healing and recovery, non-surgical enhancement therapies such as cellulite reduction and body sculpting, relief from jet lag, sore muscles, pregnancy swelling and overall, wellbeing, along with everyday bloating or aiding in weight loss. The “Liquid Sculpt Method” was designed by incorporating different techniques and manual methods which Anna cultivated along her professional journey. Anna’s main objective in her services is to keep the lymphatic system, (the body’s “fighter”) in optimal health by expelling unwanted toxins. With each session, a technician is sculpting, contouring, and toning the body to attain high-definition results. Thus far, she has four locations and is expanding.

Anna has a potpourri of clients from housewives to professional athletes, professional dancers, television personalities, actors, singers, and high-profile professionals and celebrities. One of their specialties is in the after care for what they term “mommy makeovers”, be it surgical or non-surgical. Men are not excluded as they are also a strong part of her clientele. Anna is expanding into other states like Connecticut, Florida, and California, which are key locations. She is also looking to introduce a Liquid Sculpt retail line, with a wide variety of body products and post operative care garments.

Anna also credits her Greek heritage as a major role in her success. The Goddess of beauty is Aphrodite who in her stories was always promoting the need to search for ways to enhance one’s appearance. Anna admitted, “For the Greeks, a beautiful body was considered direct evidence of a beautiful mind. From the second I meet with my client, there is usually an instant connection. Our mission is to help you look and feel good from the inside out. That’s what I love most about our services and our approach. Our caring, compassion, knowledge, understanding and passion for what we do and knowing that beauty starts from the inside is only a small token of our success story.”

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