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Classical Artist Amy Tcheupdjian Builds On Her Talents In NYC

By Nick Christophers

For many artists there is always something or someone that inspires them to follow in their God given talent. This would be true for cellist, Amy Tcheupdjian. Her someone, was her sister who first played the cello at a young age and Amy was attracted to the sound and beauty of the instrument. Since then, she has mastered it and many elements of music in general. In her native Australia she finished her Masters in Music Performance.

Before embarking on her musical journey in New York she performed ensembles such as The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Victoria. Her mastery of the cello earned her the Allan’s Music Prize and the Monash Hiroyuki Iwaki Orchestral Scholarship. For any artist be it classical or pop one venue that they all wish to perform at is Carnegie Hall. This was on Amy’s bucket list, and she would end up checking it off.

“Carnegie Hall was the most memorable performance for me. As for any musician from all over the world, Carnegie Hall is the one worldwide venue which holds the most weight. The most incredible musicians you grow up looking up to have performed in this venue, so being able to share the same stage is extremely rewarding and exciting.”

She performed there as soloist in 2015 in Weill Hall. Amy also has learnt to play the violin in her younger years. Her talent has taken her around the world performing in ensembles in Scandinavia, Italy, Brazil, and Australia. One of her most memorable performances was in NYC where she received the most audience response when she created a multi-sensory performance. This specific performance involved music pairing with food and light production so that audience members were able to experience music through their individual senses.

One of her most recent projects in 2022 was for Lifehouse’s upcoming 20th anniversary album for Jason Wade. In her native Australia she has offered her cello on 3MBS radio Australia which she is a frequent performer. Outside of being a cellist she is also an active teacher of the cello and violin. She teaches both private lessons and online. Currently, she is a string Teaching Artist based in public schools throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. In addition, she is Artistic and Program Director at the Noel Pointer Foundation for music education in NYC public schools, as well as in-foundation classes and ensembles in their Brooklyn location. Amy has come a long way on her musical journey and is looking to keep building on it for years to come.

“This has been such a rewarding position for me, being able to create curriculum, as well as working with teaching artists and schools to bring string music education into children’s lives.”

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