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Collective Team Of Artists Building A Bridge To Their Dreams

By Nick Christophers

It is inspirational when you see artists of different disciplines combine their talents to create amazing works of art. Mediform Productions is a good example of this culmination of talent. The artists are writers, sound engineers, photographers, and sound recorders. The collective was initiated by writer / producer Trevor Alpert and his partners cinematographer Jeeraya Moranon, better known as Bill, and first assistant director Desiree Cardona. The idea of the collective was to build a brand that will assist all the members to break into the film industry. Which we all know is not an easy task.

Trevor’s first short was done during his time in college when he took a class called Intro to Screenwriting. Yet filmmaking was not what he was studying at the time it was economics during his junior year. That Summer, he took an internship in real estate development, but he would soon realize it was not for him. He returned to school in his senior year and took screenwriting classes for the remainder of the credits he needed to graduate.

The one responsible for placing him on the path he currently is on was his professor Tom Musca at the University of Miami. He was taking his class Intermediate TV Writing; Tom was known for his work on the film “Stand and Deliver”. Tom motivated Trevor and Richie Harrington (Producer of Rideshare and Director of The Men in White, another Mediform Production) to chase their dream in LA, which is what Trevor and Richie did.

In 2017, they shot their first web series “Welcome to WeHo” alongside another student of Musca’s, Morgan Roger. Later that same year Trevor met Bill Moranon and Mediform was born. Mediform’s first project was a short directed by Trevor called “Amateur Hour” (2018).

“I was not too happy with Amateur Hour, but I learned a lot from it. I knew I needed to keep practicing so I shot another short film before I even finished editing Amateur Hour and then another after that. The skills and understanding of filmmaking I acquired on those projects eventually led to Rideshare which I am most proud of.”

It should also be noted that “Rideshare” stars Matt Kempner, who starred or made appearances in all of the Mediform Productions that Trevor has directed including “Amateur Hour” (2018), “Tolerance Break” (2020), and “The Task” (2022).

While he was building on the idea of Mediform, Trevor was able to lock in a job at ABC Studios as a Postproduction Assistant on the show “American Housewife”. One of the producers, Kenny Schwartz, saw his web series “Welcome to WeHo” and hired him to work in the writer’s room for the following two seasons. It was an experience he did not soon forget. Sadly, “American Housewife” was canceled during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Mediform spent the early Pandemic years focused mostly on social media ads and indie music videos but they longed for a new narrative project. Trevor along with his team would soon work on a new web series titled “Rideshare”, which we mentioned earlier. That project made it into the 2023 LAWEBFEST. It was nominated for Best Actor, Best Dramedy, Best Ensemble Cast, and Best Editing. They ended up winning Best Dramedy.

“We had a great time at LAWEBFEST and thought it was well put together. We first submitted Welcome to WeHo in 2018 but we were not selected. When we submitted Rideshare only to be nominated and then win it was a huge validation of our hard work.”

At the present time Trevor is working on getting “Rideshare” ready to release to the public (on YouTube) by perfecting up the color grading, sound mixing, and VFX. His intention is to develop the concept as a full length series for Hulu or a similar streaming service.  Trevor is on a mission to develop more fun and exciting projects and build Mediform Productions to another level.

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