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Real Estate Broker Looking to Bring Awareness to Looming MTA Issue

By Nick Christophers We are very lucky for our freedom of speech—and in this case, freedom of advertising too—for Real Estate Broker Michael Carfagna wouldn’t have the power to sway Brooklynites to come to the diverse area of Jackson Heights if we didn’t. The reason he wants folks […]

How Do I Avoid Paying Broker Fees When Moving Into A New York City Apartment?

You are excited to move to New York but know there is a laundry list of work to get you started.  This might include finding a job if you went the 2 suitcase and 1 way plane ticket route.  It will include locating your nearest grocery stores and quickly learning how many bags you can carry home (remember most of us don’t have cars.  I can carry up to 8 bags of groceries at this point….)  Where is your local bar, sushi and thai restaurants.  Brunch place for new residents is also a must.  Finding the right subway car that lets you off at the exact exit that is closest to your apartment is for a slightly more seasoned newcomer but trust me that within 4 months you will know exactly where to stand.

I feel like I might be overlooking one small detail.  Possibly something about Maslow and shelter.  That’s right, you need to find a place to live and very few cities can be more nerve wracking than New York.  It’s everything you have already heard and read about (expensive, inevitability of dealing with some cockroaches or mice, loud, multiple entry doors, lots of stairs.)

A New York City Succulent Garden

Aside from herbs, a succulent garden is a low maintenance, low space and all around fun option.  There are so many varieties of succulents and you can literally cram them all in a small space and they seem to thrive.  For around $3 a piece you can mix and match shapes and heights and come up with a really nice little garden.  Also, tending to your New York City succulent garden is quite therapeutic and will let you take care of something that won’t expire if (i.e when) you don’t water for a few days.  

Is your apartment suffering from ‘predecessor chi’?

By Denise Oliveira Messes from prior tenants; contractors who took way longer than promised; exhausting interactions with brokers; nightmarish packing and moving experiences; not to mention your own baggage: These are a few of the negative vibes that some New Yorkers want to erase from their apartments before […]

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