Real Estate Broker Looking to Bring Awareness to Looming MTA Issue

By Nick Christophers

We are very lucky for our freedom of speech—and in this case, freedom of advertising too—for Real Estate Broker Michael Carfagna wouldn’t have the power to sway Brooklynites to come to the diverse area of Jackson Heights if we didn’t. The reason he wants folks to come to Queens is to make them aware that in 2018 the MTA will be doing extensive repairs on the L train, which will be completely shut down for nearly two full years.

His awareness campaign is to make those in Brooklyn realize that getting to Manhattan is not going to be easy come 2018. According to the MTA, the repairs are due to take nearly two years to complete. This will make it hell for those who depend on the L train to get to work or visit family. Michael is determined to make them aware that moving to Jackson Heights would make their life a lot easier than trying to find an alternate in Brooklyn (Williamsburg, Bushwick etc). From Jackson Heights to Manhattan is only about a 12-minute subway ride. In addition there are 5 different lines for multiple choices to get there. (7, E, F, M, and R trains.)

Even though most of the newcomers to Williamsburg do enjoy a quieter neighborhood, Mike explains that they can find that in Jackson Heights as well.

“If you just look at Roosevelt Avenue, yes it is more like Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, a bustling corridor of people and traffic. However, just one block North of Roosevelt and running parallel to that you have 37th Avenue, where you get a very similar feel to Bedford Avenue (but different in some way with a heavier concentration of mom and pop stores typical of an older New York neighborhood) with many different dinning and shopping experiences. Also, for the most part, just one block North of 37th Avenue and to some extent South, you get the landmark district of Jackson Heights with stunning pre-war buildings (many with private gardens), beautiful tree lined streets echoing the 1920’s and 1930’s architectural details somewhat unique to Jackson Heights and not found in Williamsburg.”

Michael Carfagna has lived in Jackson Heights since the 80’s with his wife and extended family. He has seen the changes in the area since then and admits it has been for the better. In 1993 the area was designated a Historic District which makes it a notable landmark. For those who like to have a garden and greener spaces, this neighborhood is full of them. Many of the residents take pride in the landscape of their homes and surrounding areas. It has become a multi-generational neighborhood very similar to Brooklyn.MPC_fugeddaboutit!_Photo_2 (1).jpg

Since the opening of MPC Properties, LLC 17 years ago, many ex-Brooklyn residents have flocked to Jackson Heights, and that is before anything about the L train was announced. Michael has been a real estate broker since 1999 with over $200,000,000 in sales. Who better to spearhead this campaign than Mr. Carfagna.

If you are living in a section of Brooklyn where the L train is a necessity, then you may want to consider some other boroughs.  

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  1. Great article. This a real issue that my wife and I are going to have to deal with soon

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