Port Melbourne Beach: A Day With The Dogs

By Ty Pillai

It’s a nice sunny, summer day in Melbourne and you’re looking for a place to cool off amid the scorching temperatures. And what better way to contrast the warm breeze and grumpy, heat stroked people than with having a quick dip in the cool crashing waves and having the comforting company of friends at the beach.

But wait! For all the dog lovers out there; we can’t forget our best friends of all – our puppy pals!

Port Melbourne Beach is a 24-hour off-lead dog beach that boasts a wide sand foreshore, where your four-legged friend can scamper and leap with plenty of space, and shallow sand bars, where pups that are hesitant or inexperienced in swimming can wade out confidently and you can play with your pup without getting that new summer outfit completely drenched.

The beach stretches from the ever-bustling Bay St, to Lagoon Pier, a popular fishing spot for the locals. So if you’re looking for a meal or a snack, there are plenty of dog friendly restaurants and stores around the beach where your pooch can accompany you.


It is augmented by walking paths as well as bike paths, so you can safely walk your beloved pooch along the beach while getting those steps up. You’ll be so distracted by the adorable doggies darting around, tongues hanging out and ears flopping about, that before you know it, you’d have walked the entire stretch of the wonderful beach. What a brilliant way to stick to that New Years fitness resolution!

This beautiful beach is busiest after work hours and before dinnertime. At around 4-6pm, you’ll see tons of pups, from massive Great Danes to little Chi Hua Huas, chasing each other and mingling (sniffing butts, let’s be honest), and you’ll wonder what we humans have done to deserve such angelic

Interview with Ralph the Kelpie x Labrador.

Me: So I see you’re having a great time at this dog beach. Tell me, what is it that you love most about this beach?

Ralph: [stares at microphone for an uncomfortably long time] [steals my frisbee and runs into the ocean]


So to sum it all up, if you want to show your best friend how much you love them, treat them to an amazing day out at this incredible dog beach.

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