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Grass Roots Commercial Mortgage Firm Growing with Every Closing

Sometimes in business you need to take a chance to move up in the world. This would be the case for two ambitious individuals, John Michaels and Craig Truen, whose combined experience was a recipe for success. Craig Truen learned from his father about the real estate business and commercial loans and soaked it all in.  He took what he was taught and formed Truen Associates a commercial mortgage broker in 1987. Craig specialized in the restructuring of condo and coop projects as well as spearheading over $600 million in commercial transactions in the metro area.

Real Estate Broker Looking to Bring Awareness to Looming MTA Issue

By Nick Christophers We are very lucky for our freedom of speech—and in this case, freedom of advertising too—for Real Estate Broker Michael Carfagna wouldn’t have the power to sway Brooklynites to come to the diverse area of Jackson Heights if we didn’t. The reason he wants folks […]

A Stroll Through Ditmas Park In Brooklyn

When you need a break from the noise and skyscrapers of Manhattan, you should take yourself on a walk in the charming Brooklyn neighborhood of Ditmas Park. You’ll forget you’re still in New York City as you stroll through tree-lined streets boasting gorgeous Victorian homes. It may feel like the suburbs, with residents mowing their lawns, shooting a basketball in their driveways, and actually finding parking right in front of their homes. But the neighborhood has several subway stops and bus lines, and an increasing number of coffee shops and delis as well as trendy restaurants and bars.

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