A Stroll Through Ditmas Park In Brooklyn

By Denise Oliveira

When you need a break from the noise and skyscrapers of Manhattan, you should take yourself on a walk in the charming Brooklyn neighborhood of Ditmas Park. You’ll forget you’re still in New York City as you stroll through tree-lined streets boasting gorgeous Victorian homes. It may feel like the suburbs, with residents mowing their lawns, shooting a basketball in their driveways, and actually finding parking right in front of their homes. But the neighborhood has several subway stops and bus lines, and an increasing number of coffee shops and delis as well as trendy restaurants and bars.

An easy way to get to the neighborhood is the Q train to Cortelyou Rd., and then walk along the streets that run perpendicular to Cortelyou, between Coney Island Avenue and Bedford Avenue. Be sure to check out the Flatbush Malls, a particularly charming nook of the neighborhood, which begins at Foster Ave. and East 17th Street. If you have $1,500,000 to spare, you might even find your new home.

Pretty Home 6

Pretty Home 5

Pretty Home 4

Pretty Home 3

Pretty Home 2

Pretty Home 1

870 Ocean Avenue is on the market for $1,900,000.

870 Ocean Ave Ditmas Brooklyn

603 East 23rd Street  is on the market for $1,325,000

603 East 23rd Street Ditmas Brooklyn

1709 Glenwood Road  is on the market for $1,475,000

1709 Glenwood Road Ditmas Brooklyn

1412 Ditmas Avenue is on the market for $1,800,000

1412 Ditmas Avenue Ditmas Brooklyn


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