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CURTA: A Band with Creative Lyrics and Presentation

By Nick Christophers If you are searching for a different right of center sound, the band CURTA is the ticket. The band’s name derives from a mechanical calculator whose creator was forced to make them for the Fuhrer during the war. His creative invention would die with him […]

Heart, Soul and Family Drive This Multi-Talented Americana Band

As I sat there in the spacious loft of the renovated Brooklyn firehouse, I was blown away by the sounds that emanated from the seven-piece band in front of me. They took me on a nostalgic ride to the time when words and music meant something. As one of the lead singers, Dante DeLemos, belted out the lyrics to their single “A Revelations Gonna Come” it catapulted me to the sounds of The Eagles and a bit of Bob Dylan. The band has been officially together for a fairly short time, but some of them have played together for many years in other projects.

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