Trash Bar and The Stars of the Night

By Katie Donovan

The Trash Bar in Brooklyn NYCPractically any day of the week, one can find something to do in Brooklyn. With many local bars and various neighborhoods, each offering a selection of entertainment, it is no wonder the music scene thrives here as well. With different venues and bars hosting shows, it wasn’t hard to find some places with live music bursting from the inside.

Recently new to Brooklyn, I enthusiastically began checking out the local music scene and my roommate stumbled upon Trash Bar. Thursday night a few local bands were playing live and a band, Cherry Mellow, traveled down to play from Boston. While the local crew, Mikey and The Other Guys kicked off the night, quite a following began approaching the center stage area. With awesome drink specials and a fairly inexpensive cover, we got some drinks and joined the crowd.

Mikey and The Other Guys got the crowd going and I found myself quite impressed by their sound – especially after I’d learned they hadn’t been performing for very long. The graffiti painted walls, doors, and bathrooms brought the grunge ambiance to every room we entered. With old van car seats lining the concert room walls instead of couches or benches, I sat down and made myself right at home.

The night progressed with more music and drinks, stepping out into the cold for a quick smoke every so often. Meeting people and hearing their stories is always my favorite part of any outing. Ironically so, the Cherry Mellow band was outside hanging around during my intermission smoke break and we began talking and laughing. They were a very young, but friendly and talented group of guys, and it was my pleasure to share the evening with them. As they drove off, the blond lead singer was hanging out the window, waving and yelling bye to my roommate and I. We laughed and waved back, smiling in the cold, as another successful adventure in the city was coming to an end.

Trash Bar recently announced they are relocating to the borough of Bushwick. At this time, the new location is undisclosed, though I will be excited to see how they reinvent their bar in an area closer to home. Another adventure is certainly on the horizon.

Mickey and the Other Guys

Mickey and the Other Guys

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