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Trash Bar and The Stars of the Night

By Katie Donovan Practically any day of the week, one can find something to do in Brooklyn. With many local bars and various neighborhoods, each offering a selection of entertainment, it is no wonder the music scene thrives here as well. With different venues and bars hosting shows, […]


Sugar, for a Good Cause

By Denise Oliveira Where in New York City can you see an art exhibit about Jewish gangsters, rub shoulders with a food writer from The New York Times, and eat all the baked goods you could possibly desire? At this Saturday’s (Oct. 25) bake sale to benefit the […]

Smorgasburg at the Brooklyn Flea Market

By Marsha Clarke If you are walking through the Brooklyn Bridge Park on a Sunday afternoon minding your own business, secretly judging hipsters and you see a congregation of people at food tents….Run!  And you should run right into that place called Smorgasburg.  This operation of Brooklyn Flea, which […]

Where Brazilians Will Watch The World Cup In NYC

The World Cup starts on June 12, so if you haven’t booked your flight to Brazil yet, chances are you’ll be watching from New York with the rest of us. But there’s still a way for you to get a flavor of what it’s like to experience this mega soccer event alongside a bunch of Brazilians. We asked some Brazilians who live in New York where they plan to watch the games, and we’re bringing you that list today. Be prepared for lots of yellow and green jerseys, painted faces, loud cheering and high spirits. 

Let’s Talk About Brunch

By Seth Fera-Schanes Brunch is serious business in New York.  It is a favorite pastime of every 20 something and if you dare to ask for a recommendation on where to go, be prepared to receive a deluge of suggestions. When it comes to brunch in the city, […]