Let’s Talk About Brunch

By Seth Fera-Schanes

Brunch at Reynard

Brunch is serious business in New York.  It is a favorite pastime of every 20 something and if you dare to ask for a recommendation on where to go, be prepared to receive a deluge of suggestions.

When it comes to brunch in the city, you are not in Kansas anymore (or San Diego, Seattle, DC or any other US city) when it comes to this mid-afternoon weekend meal.  Acceptable dining hours are between 1pm and 4pm with the possibility of squeezing in noon if absolutely necessary.  11am and before is the equivalent of the early bird special in Florida.

Defining the category of brunch you will be attending is also important.  There are boozy brunches, hungover brunches, really really hungover brunches, showing off to your visiting friends brunches and so on and so forth.

Next there are price ranges to consider which I will help you understand in very simple terms.  You will be paying $25.  That isn’t up for discussion either.  You might find a spot with a great omelet, side salad and home fries.  Toast.  Coffee.  Orange juice.  All for $11.  Sweet you think to yourself, this Seth Fera-Schanes guy doesn’t know what he is talking about.  Then you look at the bottom of the menu and for only $9 additional dollars you can have unlimited Mimosas or Bloody Mary’s.  Unlimited!  Obviously you would be foolish to pass up such a deal. Then with tax and a small tip you come to….wait for it…$25.  Point one, author.

To help you in your quest for the perfect brunch we are fortunate to have Melissa Limberg make some rounds for us and offer her suggestions.  Here are a few of her favorites:

1.  The Station

2.  Essex

3.  Reynard

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