Bloody Mary Done Right

By Seth Fera-Schanes

McClures Bloody Mary MixSometimes you are sitting on a plane and just have a craving for Bloody Mary mix.  It arrives in a four ounce can and comes equipped with 87% of your daily sodium allowance.  You pour over ice (with or without vodka, your call), recline your seat the 3 allotted inches and mentally remove yourself from the surrounding herd of coughing, sneezing passengers.

If this isn’t you, then just ignore my plane habits but do read on if you like Bloody Mary’s.

In New York, the Bloody Mary is a panacea for all the ills caused by Friday night IPAs, Scotch and Sodas, Vodka Sodas and the dreaded 3am “this is a great idea” shots.

If you are not in the mood to venture out of your apartment or friends are coming over for brunch, I have included one of my favorite Bloody Mary recipes below.  Not ground breaking, but it is all about the mix and I have found one of the best around.

Bloody Mary Done Right:

1.  McClure’s Bloody Mary Mix – I discovered McClure’s a couple years ago.  They make great pickles, I really like their relish and obviously the mix which is briny and spicy is all around delicious.

2.  Vodka – I will let you decide on the amount but use the good stuff.  I like Ketel One.

3. Pickles –  Here is where you can mix it up.  I have been using lemon garlic marinated green olives (3-5).  Then I add pickled garlic scapes.  This is definitely a specialty item but if you can find them they are great.  For the uninitiated, a garlic scape is the green stem that grows up from the garlic bulb.  They have a nice garlic flavor and are great to grill or in this case pickle.

4.  Lemon or Lime wedge and  a stalk of celery.

Pour ingredients over ice.  Stir.  Garnish with veggies.  Serve and enjoy.

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