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An Artist Grows In Brooklyn

By Nick Christophers There are not many types of artists like Tianlan Deng who creates vast art work that is not only impressive but also interactive. He has made America his location to spread his artistic wings. Mr. Deng is currently attending Pratt Institute from 2017-2020 and will […]

Asian Award-Winning Artist Ximu Liu Shines With Non-Profit Organization UCA IN ILL.

By Nick Christophers The beautiful and talented Ximu Liu began to build her reputation in the Chicago music world almost from the first time she revealed her amazing voice. She came to America with two awards under her belt winning 1st place in “Star of Vocals” at Hong […]

Lady Long Long: Multi-talented Asian Performer Taking The US By Storm

She can sing, dance, act, paint and even write. What else can China native Lady Long Long do? Coming from an artistic family Lady Long Long was raised to appreciate and master the arts. At first she needed to travel to Europe and learn proper English as many Chinese families do. She spent time in England, France, Germany and Holland. She had a culture shock in Europe. Yet she made the best of it.

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