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Monkey Cup Coffee In Harlem

The Monkey Cup has arrived in Harlem.  The coffee shop, with its forest theme including leaf ceiling and stylish hanging lights is a welcome new addition to Central Harlem. 


Mountain Hikes in Christchurch

Don’t get me wrong, Christchurch is a brilliant city, but sometimes even the city gets a bit overwhelming. The beauty of the Garden City is that it is super close to nature and fresh mountain air. Yesterday, two buddies & I adventured towards the Mountains and made a day of it.

Bongo Java

By Sean McHugh I have to admit, I’m a coffee fiend. There’s rarely ever a day that I find myself drinking anything other than coffee and water throughout. Lucky for me, and for all coffee fiends, Nashville is home to a bevy of exceptional coffee roasters and espresso […]

Walking Tour: 12 South

By Sean McHugh The third installment of our Nashville “Walking Tour” series takes us to the close-knit neighborhood of 12 South. The 12 South neighborhood is one of Nashville’s best and brightest areas, with a wide swath of boutiques, coffee shops, restaurants, and general locales that make 12 […]

Barista Parlor Coffee in Golden Sound

By Sean McHugh Nashville is most famously referred to as “Music City, USA,” regardless of one’s opinion on such a title, it should be noted that Nashville has become much more than just “Music City.” Most notably, Nashville has become a much more gastromically inclined city, growing in […]

Hillsboro Village Walking Tour

Nashville is a city comprised of an array of diverse neighborhoods – each one unique in and of itself. Granted, the number of neighborhoods in Nashville pales in comparison to the number of boroughs and subsequent neighborhoods in a Megalopolis such as New York City, but nevertheless, the decidedly smaller quantity can still seem daunting.

Did Langston Hughes Live In Harlem?

Yes, Langston Hughes lived from 1947 until his death in 1967 in a central Harlem Brownstone and is easily accessible from the 2 and 3 subway lines at the 125th street stop.  If you live in New York or are just visiting, I would suggest the following mini-walking tour for both a cultural and architectural experience.