More Than Just a Caffeine Subscription at Daily Grind

By Jeremy Sierra

There are subscription services for movies, wine, music, clothes, and even dinner. Now, if you live in Lower Manhattan, there’s one for coffee.

If you like to be on a first name basis with your barista and you live or work in the financial district, Daily Grind might be the perfect coffee shop for you. With friendly staff and a subscription service, members can get unlimited French Press coffee without emptying their bank accounts. The coffee shop is also offering a cold brew package for the summer.

“I love learning, I love solving problems,” said Jeff Sale, the owner and founder of Daily Grind, which is tucked in between shops on Naussau St. near John St.  So he decided to solve the problem many New Yorkers have: how to feed your coffee habit without overspending.

The membership program is easy to sign up for on a mobile app and includes discounts on espresso drinks and other items in the store. You can also check whether you’re getting your money’s worth with a handy calculator developed by one of the Daily Grind’s appreciative members.Daily Grind Coffee Co

Sale has been an entrepreneur for 17 years, but has never owned a brick and mortar shop before. So far he’s enjoyed the experience.

“I just kind of fell in love with the area,” he said. “Creative companies are moving down here. I wanted to be on the verge of that.”

They have had a good response to the subscription service, which has grown quickly, and Sale has gotten to know some of the regulars.

“It’s a place to come and chat,” he said.  

And the coffee is good. Roasted in Brooklyn, it’s organically grown and fair trade Sumatran Mexican and Sumatran Columbian blends. It’s not too acidic and a step up from most of chain coffee stores in the area (you can take my word for it: I work down the street).

“We’re really meticulous about what we do,” said Sale. “It speaks for itself and people have been signing up.”

They’re one of the few coffee shops in Lower Manhattan open both Saturday and Sunday. Now they’re looking to expand in the area. “I love community and want to be a part of the community down here,” said Sale.

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