Things to do in New York City

Exploring Inwood Hill Park in Upper Manhattan

Look at the following pictures and tell me where you think these were taken?Forest in Inwood Hill ParkInwood Hill ParkTrees at Inwood Hill Park

You could have guessed any number of wooded, forest or hiking spots and all would have been acceptable.

What you probably didn’t guess is Manhattan. But then you would have be right.

Manhattan, one of the five boroughs that make up New York City.  Boasting a population of 1,600,000 people with many more streaming in and out on a daily basis for their work commutes and vacation travel.

In the city that never sleeps, there is a 200 acres oasis that sits right at the top of Manhattan: Inwood Hill Park.

If you are in the city and feeling overwhelmed, simply take the A train up to Dyckman Avenue in Inwood (you can actually choose either 200th or 207th street exits, both get you to where you need to be.)

The park is heavily wooded but there are well maintained walking paths.  You can spend about 1.5 hours walking around and really decompress from city life; while still being in the city.  If you stop and listen, you will actually hear birds, squirrels rustling around, wind passing through trees.  And equally as important is what you won’t hear; cars honking and all the other noise that comes with city living.View of Hudson River from Inwood Hill ParkCouple Walking in Inwood Hill Park in Manhattan  If you are in the mood for a more strenuous workout, there are nice switchbacks for hill repeats if you are so inclined.  Otherwise, you can gather friends, bring your camera and get ready to experience a nice little weekend break. Walking Path at Inwood Hill ParkIn case you are missing the city too much, there are a couple vantage points that will bring you back to reality.View of Manhattan from Inwood Hill ParkBridge to the BronxInsider tips:

  1.  Dyckman avenue has a row of restaurants with outdoor seating.  Be sure to get some food or drinks after you’re done with the hike and head back on the subway.
  2. Continue further down Dyckman and you will come to the Hudson River if you want to extend your trip and walk along the water.  Biking is ideal for this.

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