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Guy Grogan Returns With New Release “Same Morning Light”

By Nick Christophers Sometimes taking a break from what you love is a good. This would be true for recording artist, Guy Grogan, who came back from a long hiatus with a slam dunk album.  Guy took time off to focus on personal issues before he can return […]

Celebrating Her New Single “Four Seasons” Lizzie Blazquez Has Become A Sought After Artist

By Nick Christophers Since she was a young girl, Lizzie was always attracted to music and all its elements. At first she taught herself how to play the guitar, which to this day, still uses in her own projects. Yet, singing and songwriting was her main focus as […]

Brooklyn Based Artist Pays Tribute To Legends Of The 60’s And 70’s With New Album “Final Notice!”

By Nick Christophers No one can deny the great music of the 60’s and 70’s, when legends were born. There are very few present time artists who even come close those acts. Thankfully there are some current artists who appreciate the music of that time and fuse it […]

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