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Guy Grogan Returns With New Release “Same Morning Light”

By Nick Christophers

Sometimes taking a break from what you love is a good. This would be true for recording artist, Guy Grogan, who came back from a long hiatus with a slam dunk album.  Guy took time off to focus on personal issues before he can return to his creative-self. He eventually picked up the guitar again which became his lifeline. Along with his drums, bass and a portable 4 track Tascam he was on his way to producing his first full project.

Guy is not a stranger to music as he has a list accolades to his talent. Many of his singles have received awards for their quality and lyrical presentations like Best Modern Rock Song Winner: “Take Back My Heartbreak” and Best Indie Rock Song Winner: “Here I Am” to name a few that he won at the
 New Mexico Music Awards. He is a workhorse when it comes to putting my music out so far since 2010 has released thirteen albums and a collection of singles and EP’s.  Besides winning awards at the New Mexico Music Awards he also won at the Indie International, Song of the Year, American Song-writing Awards, and the UKSC.

Check out his work on YouTube.

Being a one-man band is impressive in of itself and proves how talented he is. Even though he has yet to collaborate with any other artist he has worked with recording engineers from the Santa Fe area like Peter Larkin, Will Dyar, Dennis Jasso, Bill Palmer and Jono Manson. Their talents are evident on each track from the new project. His music has been compared mostly to the genius of Tom Petty and the band Iron & Wine. Which more than a compliment for Guy.

“I love both of those artists. It’s a real thrill just to be mentioned in the same sentence as those two. I suspect the comparison to Tom Petty may be a response to my song structures and my vocal style on some of the more jangly numbers. On the Iron & Wine front, I work hard to inject poetry into my lyrics so maybe there’s a poetic association there…Sam Beam is one of, if not the, best lyricists on the planet in my opinion. Every line of his just rips you in half.”

On his new project “Same Morning Light” is a bit less personal than his earlier works as he was trying to evolve into something different. Guy is looking to delve into less about him and rather telling other people’s stories. Which would be more in the format Tom Petty and Iron & Wine have in the past. Guy would like to work on his lyrics to portray the good and bad about love and learning from that experience.

As we mentioned earlier, he has won numerous awards and nominations. His favorite one was his first one at the New Mexico Music Awards for the single “I’m the One I Couldn’t Be”. Only recently he became a member of the The Songwriting Academy which was a great honor for him. His inclusion can only be for his fusion of jazz, indie rock with a folkish blend that creates an infectious recipe. Guy Grogan is one-man army of music that can please any listener.

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