Central Harlem: Between 110th and 130th Street

By Seth Fera-Schanes

Any day of the week is a great day to visit Central Harlem.  Easily accessible from the 2 and 3 subway lines, I would suggest packing your camera from a fun afternoon of photography.  I like to exit from the 110th street stop which is located right at the top of Central Park.  As you leave the subway take in the panoramic view of the Meer (lake) in the park before turning around and heading north.

As your adventure progresses make sure to venture off the main avenues and walk along the side streets.  Side streets provide closeups of historic brownstones (such as the home where Langston Hughes had lived.)   Along this route you will find yourself crossing famous 125th street (also known as Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.) and home to the famous Apollo Theater.  If you happen to be in town on a Wednesday, stop by the Apollo for Amateur Night which is every bit as raucous as you have heard.

The food scene in Harlem is diverse but my recommendation is to try a soul food restaurant.  One of the most famous is Sylvia’s on 126th street and Malcolm X Boulevard.  However, I usually go to Amy Ruth’s for some Chicken and Waffles.  There are other choices on the menu but if you haven’t had this dish before, make it happen and you will not be disappointed.  Amy Ruth’s is on 116th street and Malcolm X Boulevard.

Enjoy your day in Harlem and let us know what you enjoyed the most!

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