Hudson Beach Cafe: The Most Scenic Bar and Restaurant in Riverside Park

By Seth Fera-Schanes

A semi-secret around NYC, known mostly to the Upper West Side crowd, the Hudson Beach Cafe is one of my favorite spots in New York.

Situated outdoors in Riverside Park, visitors are treated to a panoramic view of the Hudson River on one side and a tree lined path in the park on the other.  There is also a dog run near by so you can watch about 50 of your favorite friends hanging out and chasing each other around.

The Hudson Beach Cafe keeps their menu simple; burgers and beer which is fine with me.  There is plenty of seating and not once have I gone and not been able find a table for all my friends.

I would recommend heading up to the Cafe on a weekend evening for dinner and drinks and then stay to watch the sunset.

Hudson Beach Cafe is located on 105th street in Riverside Park.  Take the 1 train to 103rd street and walk right on in.  You can also get off at the 96th street stop and have a little longer walk but the scenery is worth it.

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