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Korean Express – Upper East Side – 807 Lexington Ave.

By Melissa Limberg

There might be a rare case in which you’re wandering around the Upper East Side and think, “Damn, I could really go for some kimbap.” There are times when I, myself, get an overwhelming craving for kimchi.  “But where,” you may ask, “do I find bomb Korean on the Upper East Side?” Though many would argue that its worth the trip to Koreatown to have your pick of the 8,000 restaurants that operate, I’m happy to say that I have found a winner on the UES.  It’s not that I’m unwilling to go down to 34th Street, it’s just that sometimes I’d rather pull my own hair out with a spork than deal with the crowd in Herald Square (real talk).  Furthermore, if I’m hungry – I’m not trying to sit on a train for 20 minutes, so it’s nice to know where I can go in my neighborhood. Lucky for me, I needn’t go too far to fulfill my craving.

Korean Express is nothing special to look at, and if its ambience you want… you should probably go somewhere else.  However, as soon s you walk in there’s always a happy greeting, prompt service, and it’s pretty damn cheap.  I usually put in a to-go order and it’s always ready within 10 minutes.  You get the whole Korean BBQ treatment with all the little bowls of mystery contents and oversized bottles of sriracha without the gimmicks.  Their menu is easy to navigate and has all of the options a Korean BBQ enthusiast would look for.  Whether its ramen, bibimbap, or a rice dish you search for Korean Express will execute it well and inexpensively.  Perfect for a night of ordering in.

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