The 13th Step – East Village – 149 2nd Ave

By Melissa Limberg

Sometimes you don’t need a whole lot of words to tell someone why they should go somewhere.  This is one of those places. There are 6 main reasons why you should think about going to The 13th Step in the East Village. Some people argue that it’s too busy on weekend nights – but you’re in the East Village, kid, what did you expect? Others argue that the crowd is a little too “fratty” for their taste… again, bro, you’re like 2 blocks from NYU… use your head.  Plus, it’s all about the people you go out with, who cares who else is at the bar, am I right?

1) The drink specials ARE SO CHEAP.  I’m talking $4 pitchers, people.
2) SO MANY FLAT SCREENS, you’re not going to miss any games.  How’s that fantasy football team doing?
3) You’re hungry? Heaping plates of food. Sports bar food usually can’t be done wrong if you ask me.
4) THEY HAVE BEER PONG! (I told you, some think it’s fratty…)
5) It’s huge.  So you wanna dance? There’s room for that.  (And, they play good music, might I add.) You wanna stand around and chat? Room for that.
6) Location, location, location. IT’S DIRECTLY NEXT DOOR TO A 16 HANDLES!!!!!!!!!
And thus concludes my brief run down of why you should go to the 13th Step in the East Village.

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