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By Melissa Limberg

I would like to give a huge thanks to for having me at their event on Wednesday night.  It was fabulous, it was fashionable, and financially successful thanks to some big hearts dropping some big bills!  (Though I will throw in the fact that I’m completely depressed that my name was not drawn in the raffle for the Arrojo gift card … I might never get over this.) is about to celebrate it’s 5 year anniversary, and it is truly one example of how great things can come from a little hope and a little help.  The goal of this non-profit is to help provide the funds necessary to make adoption possible.  The stories shared of real life families being held together and created through adoption are truly amazing.  This is such an inspiring organization, and everyone who attended this event could feel how close this cause is to founder Becky Fawcett’s heart.
This isn’t some huge over hyped corporate donation hogging machine, this is a small office of a handful of people working their tails off to help dreams come true – and that’s why it feels good to donate to  I urge you to go to the website, read about it, and share it with a friend.  You may not be able to afford to give, but spreading the word can only be positive and maybe your lips will reach the ears of someone who can help change a life forever.

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