Reynard @ Wythe Hotel – 80 Wythe Ave. – Williamsburg

By Melissa Limberg

Mmm, the Reynard. Yum. If you remember a previous post of mine you’ll know that it’s not typically my cup of tea to go to hotel bars/restaurants… but I’m always willing to go where the getting is good. And it’s goooooood here. The Wythe is a trendy and modern boutique hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It also has a rooftop that I did not check out (there was a line on Saturday night and I was all like, “Hell nah I ain’t waiting in no line.”) but I hear it’s fabulous.

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I went the first time for dinner. The menu is ambiguous to say the least. I was browsing appetizer options and the menu lists things so plainly that it almost doesn’t seem appetizing – does that make sense? I settled to try the side of “corn” and my friend ordered the “cucumbers.” Like, literally all it says is “corn” and “cucumbers” on the menu. However, the dishes both arrived, and they were fantastic. Really unique dishes, amazing flavor combinations. Cannot be overstated how much I liked this corn! This menu also changes with the season, and I have mixed feelings about that… but I think it’s such a great thing for a restaurant like this. People will have to come back to continually try the new menu items because they’re done so well that they’ll want to. Awesome.

My friend told me that I needed to try the burger. The burger is a standard on the menu here, always available. He actually referred to the flavor and texture of the burger to be both ‘special’ and ‘gentle.’ Now, this was a gay male friend of mine so I kind of furrowed my brow and was like, “I’m really sorry, but that is SO gay that you just called this burger special and gentle…” He ordered the burger. I took a bite. OH MY G-D. I felt joy! That burger was SPECIAL! And the texture? Wow. That texture was gentle. He was so right. This was no ordinary burger. Thumbs so up on that. Make sure someone at your table orders the burger when you go to Reynard. (It’s even available during the brunch hours !!)

I ordered the scallops, and they were divine. I am always slightly depressed when I order scallops though… because I want like 100 and I only get about 4. Total buzz kill. Verdict? Again, amazing. Reynard’s killed it. Start to finish. And, oh yes, we finished in a big way. We ordered dessert. Hot bread pudding, hallelujah! A good dessert really brings the joy.

I went again to Reynard to try their brunch menu, and true to form I wasn’t disappointed. I got the duck hash and it was served with white sweet potatoes and fried egg on top (with cilantro… bonus!). I don’t really know why I ordered the duck, because I don’t think I like duck very much. Not a taste I am gaga over, but it was really cooked quite well. One friend took the burger (obviously) and another tried the knackwurst. Both had rave reviews (duh!). We even got a delish little cinnamon roll as a gratis from our waiter. I like to think it’s because of my dazzling blue eyes and killer personality… but it was a consolation of sorts because something was mixed up about my order yada yada yada they didn’t even need to give me anything because of the mix up. It happens. I wasn’t sweating the small stuff, but it was really a nice gesture. I appreciate that.

I know it seems like I’m all cuckoo for Williamsburg lately, but I kind of am. I would seriously recommend people who are visiting New York to get out of Manhattan for a meal just to eat here. To those who live here and hate Brooklyn – I say, “Shut your pie hole and go to Reynard!!” It’s cute, it’s quiet, it’s off the beaten Manhattan path. Reynard is charming, upscale, and current. They also make their own sparkling water, which is pretty cool.

For an added bonus, Brooklyn Bowl is right across the street. Um, hi. Date night plan. You’re welcome.

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