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Kumo Sushi

Contributing Editor Melissa Limberg

So, here’s the deal… I superlove sushi, but sometimes I feel like I can’t get full on it! It’s like I’m a bottomless sushi pit or something! I have actually had dreams where I’ve been in an unlimited sushi bar and woken up thinking, “WHAT IS THAT PARADISE?!”

I found it. It’s on the Lower East Side. It’s called Kumo Sushi.

Hop off the 4,5,6,N,Q,R at Union Square or the L at 1st Ave and you’ll be faced with a great privilege. Unlimited sushi, sake, and Sapporo for only $32 a person here at Kumo. What’s better than that? The sushi is actually good. Like, you’re going to be impressed by the quality of this unlimited sush! When I went there the first time, I was absolutely skeptical. I was at a table with 7 other people and I figured it would be a little crappy and the service would be slow and/or nonexistent. As usual, I was pleasantly surprised.

Sake and Sapporo were served in full sized pitchers and sushi was produced at an incredible speed. I went with a friend last night and within just a few minutes of ordering 6 rolls they were delivered and delicious. The only catch to the “unlimited” moniker is that you have a two hour time limit from when you get your first pitcher, and if you leave any food or drinks you will be charged for them… or so the menu says. Luckily, I only roll with champions so we never have any left over food or drink.

The Mizz

I really think any sushi lover will be impressed with the special roll menu, as I was. I know it’s hard to go wrong with a shrimp tempura roll, like… ever… but theirs are really excellent. Presentation and taste at a sushi place are of the utmost importance, and they nail both aspects. Plus, in New York City things like unlimited anything should be celebrated and appreciated. You can go in as a group of two or a group of 12 and they’ll accommodate you beautifully.

Two thumbs up for Kumo, located on 1st ave between 12th and 13th street.

Kumo Sushi

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