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Delicious Brunch At The Station

By Melissa Limberg

You guys know how much I love Williamsburg, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I’m recommending another brunch spot to you from the heart of the Bedford Stop. Like, legit the heart of the Bedford stop because as you walk up the stairs… you’ll see The Station. (Note to readers, this is good for more than just brunch… The Station is no one trick pony!)

They lure you in with fresh baked cookies set outside for all to enjoy, and the rest is magical history. They offer an unlimited brunch drinks menu, too, which is another pro amongst thirsty, hungover New Yorkers who have a hankerin’ for some chow. The real star of the show, however, is the small but formidable menu selection.


They offer amazing decadent options like a brioche french toast, but they balance it out for the health minded with a yogurt and granola bowl (just to name two items on each end of the spectrum). I’ve tried each of those before mentioned dishes, and let’s just say after a bite of the brioche French toast, I wanted to cry into my yogurt bowl… but that is neither here nor there. Their burger also earned a thumbs up as well as their chicken sandwich. I can’t wait to go back and try other delights like the blueberry pancakes. In fact, as I was eating the delicious chicken sandwich one afternoon I was definitely eyeballing an innocent woman enjoying her blueberry pancakes, and I felt food envy!

The Bloody Mary was spicy and savory, just how one should be. Definitely worth the trek from Manhattan to Brooklyn if you’re not already there! Another great addition to the food is the service staff. During one visit our friends had a coupon that had expired a few days before, and instead of just refusing to honor the coupon they served us a complimentary dessert. This is something many other places would have been “too busy” to care about, or just wouldn’t have given it the time of day… The Station really delivered as far as I was concerned in this aspect.

Furthermore, every time I’ve walked in the host has been friendly in an actual human kind of way… you know what I mean? Not robotic, not manufactured, not over the top. Just a regular guy welcoming us to the place and seating us like a real person, not someone getting paid to smile at people as they walk in. I also felt like the whole atmosphere was very relaxed, but maybe it’s a Williamsburg thing! Non pretentious, just enjoyable.

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