New York City Starbucks Guide

By Melissa Limberg

As a writer, I spend a lot of time at Starbucks. I can’t even tell you how many Venti Earl Greys I’ve sipped down while pecking away on my Macbook. (By the way, I take mine with a splash of soy milk, a few dashes of cinnamon, and 2 Splendas…) However, not all Starbucks in this city are created equal. Some lend themselves easily to a writer’s need to post up for a few hours, and some fall short. I haven’t been to every Starbucks, so this can’t be a completely all-encompassing write-up… but it will give you a good layout for where you can get some work done.

Upper East Side ‘Bucks:
The best Starbucks in my immediate area of the Upper East Side award goes to the store on the corner of 66th and 3rd. This is the closest to Hunter College, so I was skeptical about availability of good outlet spots but its usually no sweat to snag one. The tables are big enough that if someone is sitting alone at a coveted outlet space, you can ask to share and I’ve never had a problem with someone saying no.

Another good Upper East option would be the brand new shiny Starbucks that opened on 63rd and Lexington. This is a toughy, though. They have plenty of outlets available for use, but only one large table where everyone is forced to fit family style. Both windows have a cushioned bench and outlets, but that’s hardly my ideal set up for getting work done. If you’re able to snag a spot at the table, you’re golden.

My next pick would be in the 50’s. 55th and Lexington has a great space and ample power. A good pro about this locale is that it’s usually a little less busy than the other two I’ve mentioned. (Knock on wood) I’ve never had trouble setting up shop at a table at this ‘Bucks and that is enough to make it my favorite Sunday afternoon destination when I’m trying to knock out some blurbs.

The stores I would avoid if you’re trying to charge up or sit for a while in the Upper East are the Starbucks located on 58th between 5th and Madison (good for sitting to chat, but not to work) and the store on 3rd Ave between 61st and 62nd where they have outlets but no real seating. Also, something worthwhile to note is that the stores in Union Square may be large and spacious – but they all have covered outlets! Imagine my anger when I had already purchased my tea, found an open table, and realized they have NO power to offer. Rude!

The final Starbucks I will recommend for someone trying to get some work done if they are downtown would be 72 Spring St. in SoHo. Large, open, nicely lit and full of power sources!

Happy working and wi-fi mooching, friends!

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