Photo Tour of Riverside Drive Between 80th St and 96th St

By Seth Fera-Schanes

If you follow this site you have seen me reference Riverside Drive more than once.  Well, be prepared because you will probably continue to see a few posts about this street and park on the Upper West Side because it is one of my favorite places in the city.  I headed out on a windy Sunday afternoon and included a few pics below.

One question before we get to the gallery –  Can anyone name the television show where the lead character lived in this apartment? Hint, it is from a comedy that ended not too long ago.

88th St and Riverside Drive

And now the pictures:South Facing Walking Path in Riverside ParkDetailed Flag PoleFlag Pole

Waiting for a game

Waiting for a game

South Facing Path in Riverside ParkWalking Path in Riverside ParkStoops on Riverside Dr

Escher Stairs

Escher Stairs

Red door on Riverside Drive

Cannon Facing HudsonCannon in Riverside ParkWindy Hudson RiverNorthward Path in Riverside ParkSoldiers' and Sailors' Monument in Riverside Park

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