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El Paso Mexican Food Truck and Octopus Tacos

By Seth Fera-Schanes

I was walking to a store this weekend and saw a red food truck parked out front.  Since I am always looking for quality Mexican food around the city, I made a quick detour. A few things on the menu stood out immediately, specifically the octopus and fish tacos.

El Paso Food Truck LogoEl Paso Food Truck Menu

I asked if the ingredients were fresh and was assured they were.  I also asked about preparation and was told the octopus would be grilled and the fish fried.  I had never tried an Octopus taco and fish tacos (if done right) are one of my favorite things.

I ordered one of each.  The tacos were $4 a piece and a bit on the small side.  However, I took a first bite and El Paso food truck nailed it. These were two of the better tacos I have had in the city.  The octopus was tender and had a habanero sauce with just the right amount of heat.  The fish taco was perfectly cooked and came topped with shredded cabbage and pico de gallo.  This is a taco truck that is worth a visit.

I am looking forward to sampling some of their other tacos the next time I spot this rolling restaurant.

El Paso also has a sit down restaurant on 104th and Lexington Avenue in Spanish Harlem.  The atmosphere is relaxed, they have great chips and salsa (which is one of the benchmarks for a Mexican restaurant) spot on margaritas and of course really good food.

Octopus and Fish Tacos

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