So They Say It’s Cold Outside

By: Seth Fera-Schanes

First week into February and I am officially admitting winter has gotten to me.  There has been a recent spat of polar vortex’s, snow, rain, ice and general grayness moving through the city.  I actually learned an interesting new winter recipe this week:

One part heavy, wet snow – Approximately 2-4 inches

Add a little rain-sleet mix – Just enough to start to beak apart the snow

Heat to just above 32 degrees so as to cause a nice slushy consistency

And the final dish is a nice cold soup that will ensure your feet get wet, trains slow to a crawl and the flight to Miami looks more enticing everyday.

I have a feeling I will have a few other recipes to share with you before this winter is done.  Enjoy.

P.S – If you are looking for some winter cocktail recipes to keep you warm and entertained as you hibernate in your apartment, check out the Maple Old Fashioned or the Hot Pumpkin Buttered Rum.

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