Escape from New York

Niagara Falls During The Winter

Full Access NYC, why are you referencing Western New York in your title?  First, I probably shouldn’t be questioning myself to set up some type of engaging response.  Second, I was actually in Niagara Falls and Buffalo this past weekend and got some nice pictures.  Lastly, there are three major airports in the tri-state area and one can take advantage of all the potential travel opportunities these offer.

New York City is one exciting, hectic, almost perpetual motion machine but this comes with a drawback.  It becomes a sensory overload and sometimes you need to step outside of the city to decompress or just see some trees (or in my case a giant waterfall.)

I would recommend signing up for last minute deal alerts through your favorite airline or other online travel agency.  You will usually be notified of deals that require you to book within 2 week and travel on set days (about 4 day total trips.)  If you have some vacation time, or just feel the need to walk out of your job one day, you can get on these flights.  Keep in mind, you are in a central hub for both domestic and international travel.  It is an hour and a half flight up to Toronto and Montreal, just under four hours to the Dominican Republic and a scant 5 hours to Iceland.

So, get on those lists, keep your eyes and check books up and hop on the next plane to wherever (because sometimes a little break from your significant NYC is a good thing.)


Horseshoe Falls Winter 2014American Falls Winter 2014Icy American Falls

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