Burgers and Jazz In Harlem

By Seth Fera-Schanes

Ottomanelli’s Wine and Burger Bar, located on 111th street and 5th avenue in Harlem offers live jazz on Saturday and Sunday, featuring the talented Stephanie Jones (who also brings her Jazz knowledge to Full Access as a contributing editor.)

The Ottomanelli in the name of the restaurant is the same family that has run their New York City butcher shops since 1900.  It bears repeating the year of their founding…1900!  While this is not the original store, they do have some prime offerings.  A full brunch menu is available on the weekend but with burger in the name of the restaurant, be assured that is what I was going to order and it didn’t disappoint.

If you are looking for a good date, here is my suggestion:

1.  Start at Ottomanelli’s.  You can’t go wrong with live jazz and delicious hamburgers, it just isn’t possible.

2.  Walk one block south to The Meer (lake) on 110th street.  This is the northernmost edge of Central Park and offers a scenic path around the perimeter of the lake, fishing and grass for hanging out or picnicking.

3.  On the southeast side of The Meer is a gate that leads into the Central Park Conservatory Garden.  Picture the gardens of Europe you see on The Travel Channel just 3,500 miles west and right in the middle of Manhattan. There are fountains, ponds, roses, perfectly manicured hedges (you get the point.)  This is the spot to bring out the camera and start snapping away.

4.  If this is a first date, rest assured you will be going out again.  If you are already together, then you just scored some points for putting together a well planned outing (thank you, Full Access.)


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