MoSex For You And MoSex For Me

By Marsha Clarke

Since its opening in 2002 many reviews of The Museum of Sex (MoSEX) have been slightly negative.  The major complaint is the museum is boring and just another NYC tourist attraction.  And while it is a very popular NYC spot it also has plenty to offer to native New Yorkers, you just have to look below the surface and get a really good feel around.  A few things you can do without a ticket to the museum include The Play Lounge, The Play Cafe and there is also an event room which is used for parties.

It’s totally okay if you don’t know exactly where The Play Lounge is located, most first timers don’t so I will tell you.  Like many things MoSEX related, there are multiple entry options.  You can either come in through the entrance of MoSEX and walk all the way to the back or you can be a bit more covert and enter through the cafe on the corner.  If you enjoy the combo of friends, drinks and music played at a suitable conversation level then you should definitely play.

Play serves specialty cocktails that truly do play on a theme, such as “Lady Chatterley’s Bicycle Seat”, ” Loose Women & Pickpockets” and “Peach Fuzz.” During the day the lounge is a good place to catch up on office gossip as well as brainstorm and relax.  The evening hours can be used in the same manner but with fewer inhibitions, PDA (i.e. making out) is not discouraged.

If for some reason you are able to greet the sun at 5:30am, shower, dress and get on the train (packed with early morning commuters who are “sleep standing”) and make it over to 27th street and 5th avenue at 7:00am then you will be glad to know that you can start your day with a fresh morning beverage and your pick of baked goods at the Play Cafe.  If you are like me and have television programs that must be watched until midnight (which makes the whole work thing the next day a bit difficult) then you will enjoy the Cafe for lunch.  They serve coffee and baked goods along with sandwiches and beer – if that’s how you feel during the middle of the day.

MoSex is very enjoyable in a group setting because when you are in a bouncing fun house of boobs it’s better to giggle uncontrollably with someone who gets it. However if you are just a lone wolf and you don’t need no stinking pack to go have a good time then you will be glad to know that the staff at MoSEX is very accommodating, friendly and will not look at you with judging eyes.

The biggest bonus of visiting MoSEX is the pictures you take are easily justified because nobody can get jealous of a museum.

The Museum of Sex is located at 233 5th Avenue NY, NY 10016 (corner of 27th street and 5th avenue.)

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